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Sport Berkey3Singaporeans love travelling, with limited places to go to in the city state, we probably rank No 1, in Asia as the top travelling nation, in the number of trips made per person annually. Even before the year ends, we are scanning next year’s calendars and blocking out the dates and planning our next destination. I don’t think you disagree?, we are all Singaporeans. We love food and we love travelling.

So having targeted the next destination, we plan, book hotels, air tickets, we pack and we go. Little thought is given to water and the logistics of it. Having spent money on the tickets and taking precious time off from work, the lest you want is falling sick during your vacation, due to bad water that might contain E.coli and other viruses, found in various countries in Asia and wherever the water source is suspect.

But there is a solution, the Berkey Sports water bottle. The black filter in the Sport Berkey water bottle is a miniaturised version of our famous Black Berkey filters. It removes, all virus, pathogens, bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine. It produces clean and pure drinking water. Cheaper than bottled water.

With the Sport Berkey water bottle, make your own water on the go. Many hotels restrict the number of bottles they provide, because they want you to buy from their mini bar. So you run out of water at night, what do you do? go out and buy? Well, if you had brought the Sport Berkey bottle, you can have fresh pure water anywhere anytime. It’s so convenient and it will save you money too.

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City

But, far more important is knowing that the water you drink from Sport Berkey bottle is pure water, as its filter will remove all the unwanted impurities, e.coli, viruses, and chlorine. The Sport Berkey is your vital travel companion, don’t leave home without it.

I was in Ho Chi Minh City recently and had brought my Sport Berkey water bottle along. The municipal water had a very strong chlorine smell, almost like the chlorine from the swimming pool, but, I wasn’t going to drink it, so I filtered it through the Sport Berkey water bottle. I now have fresh pure drinking water and without the chlorine taste.

Next trip, to Bandung city, Indonesia. and I will test the water there.

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