Shaving Blades and Water Filters

PitcherWhat has shaving blades to do with water filters?

If you have a chance, ask your father and he will tell you that in the good old days, before the electric shavers, companies selling shaving blades will sell you a shaving blade handle at rock bottom prices. They will throw a couple of blades in the pack and that was all. Once you had used them, like them, you will now have to buy their refills. That was the trick. Cheap shaving handles, now its pay-back time, as they say, “no free lunch” you ended up paying more.

Fast forward, this business practice can still be found by companies selling water canister filters. They sell you a cheap canister with a water filter inside, which has to be changed ever-so often. Once, I was given one of these canisters and there was a digital counter at the top to remind me the number of refills I had done. By the time I reach 60 times I had to replace the water filters. Each water refill filter cost more than $60. I gave up after a couple of times. Aside from the cost, you had to make your way down to the shop to restock. So time consuming in managing my water logistics.

With our Berkey water purification system, you have no such worries. One pair of our Black Berkey water filter elements can filter 22,700 litres of water. With an average consumption of 5 litres of water daily, our black filter elements will last 12.4 years. All that is required is the occasional maintenance of removing and manually cleaning the black filters when they get clogged up from all the dirt that is in the raw water.

Our Berkey water filters are the most economical water purification system in the market.

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