Good Health begins with Clean Water

Good Health begins with Clean Water

Good health begins with clean water. Berkey water filters have a longstanding reputation for quality and service. It is the only water filter system trusted around the world by numerous international relief organisations to provide clean drinking water during times of crisis or natural disaster.

The Berkey water filter system is so powerful that it is classified as a purifier. This is because it far exceeds the abilities of a standard water filter.

All water filter makers will make claims regarding how good their systems are. However, only the Berkey has been tested and ranked as the best gravity filter system by an independent laboratory. In October this year, Mike Adams of Natural News, the world’s largest independent natural health website with more than 7 million unique readers, published his report which tested more than 10 popular water filters available in USA. The test report is available at

The Berkey system will remove all bacteria, fungi, viruses and toxic heavy metals from your drinking water. It also removes chlorine and other volatile organic compounds.

Water for Life Pte Ltd is the local authorized distributor for Berkey water systems. We carry the full range of Berkey water filter systems and accessories. All water filters sold by us come with the same warranties offered by the parent USA company.

With the Big Berkey, pure, clean water is now available … everyday!

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