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Berkey is now available in Brunei!

The article below first appeared in the Borneo Bulletin on 16th Aug 2015. If you are residing in Brunei and you wish to find out more about Berkey water purification systems, please contact Ms Lim at 8308989.


Berkey: World’s most powerful, low cost portable water purification system

BERKEY Natural Purification Systems are the ultimate in portable water purification systems. They can be used in both homes and offices and are also ideal for personal protection while on the road. They are used worldwide in normal, hostile and emergency environments to provide the cleanest, purest, sparkling water possible. Compared with other systems available in the market today, the Berkey Systems stand out by providing the most delicious, freshest, healthiest drinking water possible for just pennies a day. According to a press release, Berkey Systems are the world’s most powerful and cost-effective personal water purification systems providing reliable and user-friendly water purification in both normal and hostile filtration environments.

Berkey Systems can purify both treated (tap) water and untreated raw water from such sources as remote lakes, streams, stagnant ponds, drains and water supplies in third world countries where water regulations may be sub-standard at best. The system is so effective that it can even remove red food colouring from water, yet it will not remove the beneficial minerals the body needs. It is perfect for everyday use, and also a vital tool in hostile environments where, electricity, water pressure or treated water may not be available.

The body contains more than 60 per cent water by weight. This proportion is even higher in children and infants. People who are health conscious know that the foundation of a healthy life and body is clean and fresh drinking water. Water-borne diseases are the leading cause of death in most third world countries. Even in industrialised countries, the contamination of drinking water sources has led in many cases to widespread health issues. The availability of clean and pure drinking water is the foundation of life.

Even in developed countries, access to clean, good tasting, wholesome drinking water may be harder than one might expect. Water from the purification plant has to travel through many kilometres of pipes to reach the home. Some of these pipes have been laid for many years and even as old as 100 years. Treatment by chlorination, though essential, invariably produce unpleasant tastes and odours. Hence most families tend to boil their water before using it for drinking and cooking purposes, as boiling does remove this chlorine taste.

Berkey water purification system

However, boiling water to remove the chlorine taste and smell has its setbacks. Firstly, it costs money in terms of gas or electricity bills. Most important, if the water has bacterial or other organic contaminants, boiling the water can actually cause the chlorine to chemically react with these contaminants which may lead to the creation of highly toxic products. Boiling water does not remove the chemicals present in the water.

Berkey Water Systems have long been recognised as the world’s ultimate in water purification. It is simple, highly effective method of using gravity was first developed almost 200 years ago. Yet it still produces some of the finest, healthy drinking water available.

The Berkey Water purification systems is marketed by Water For Life Pte Ltd at Eunos Tech Park, Singapore.


10 Facts About Fluoride

When most people hear the word fluoride, they generally think of their teeth and their dentist. Fluoride, after all, is added to some public water systems and many dental products for the purpose of preventing cavities. Less well known is that fluoride is a highly toxic compound, a major industrial air pollutant, a key ingredient in some pesticides and fumigants, the cause of a tooth defect that currently impacts over 40% of American teenagers, and the cause of a devastating bone disease that impacts millions of people throughout the world. For too long, the toxicity of fluoride compounds has been overlooked by the public health and environmental communities. The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) was founded in 2000 to remedy this imbalance. (Source: FAN)

The following video produced by FAN outlines 10 important facts about fluoride:

The 10 facts are:

  1. Most developed countries do not fluoridate their water
  2. Fluoridated countries do not have less tooth decay than non-fluoridated countries
  3. Fluoride affects many tissues in the body besides the teeth
  4. Fluoridation is not a “natural” process
  5. 40% of American teenagers show visible signs of fluoride over-exposure
  6. For infants, fluoridated water provides no benefits, only risks
  7. Fluoride supplements have never been approved by the FDA
  8. Fluoride is the only medicine added to public water
  9. Swallowing fluoride provides little benefit to teeth
  10. Disadvantaged communities are the most disadvantaged by fluoride

To read more about these 10 facts,  click here.


Singapore’s Drinking Water

In Singapore, the quality of our drinking water is regulated by the Environmental Public Health (EPH) (Quality of Piped Drinking Water) Regulations 2008. The drinking water standards set out under the EPH Regulations were based on the WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality. PUB will make continuous effort to maintain drinking water quality at the highest possible level. (Source: PUB website)

This means just like in most of the USA, our drinking water is also fluoridated.

The PUB website also tells us exactly how much fluoride is being added to our drinking water:


From the above table, we see that the amount of fluoride in our drinking water averages 0.47 mg per litre of water. This is on the lower end of the WHO recommendation of between 0.4 to 0.7 mg per litre.

The primary reason for water fluoridation in Singapore is for dental health.

Dental care begins with preventive dentistry promoted through the Health Promotion Board. The Board targets students through a network of 200 static clinics located in the schools as well as 30 mobile dental clinics. This plus fluoridation of potable water and availability of fluoridated toothpaste has greatly diminished dental decay and tooth loss. Public dental services are available in some polyclinics and hospitals, and the National Dental Centre.



If you are of the view that that you should remove fluoride from your drinking water, Berkey Water Filters, with its optional PF-2 fluoride reduction elements added, is the ideal solution.

More Information About Water Fluoridation

Good Health begins with Clean Water

Good Health begins with Clean Water

Good health begins with clean water. Berkey water filters have a longstanding reputation for quality and service. It is the only water filter system trusted around the world by numerous international relief organisations to provide clean drinking water during times of crisis or natural disaster.

The Berkey water filter system is so powerful that it is classified as a purifier. This is because it far exceeds the abilities of a standard water filter.

All water filter makers will make claims regarding how good their systems are. However, only the Berkey has been tested and ranked as the best gravity filter system by an independent laboratory. In October this year, Mike Adams of Natural News, the world’s largest independent natural health website with more than 7 million unique readers, published his report which tested more than 10 popular water filters available in USA. The test report is available at

The Berkey system will remove all bacteria, fungi, viruses and toxic heavy metals from your drinking water. It also removes chlorine and other volatile organic compounds.

Water for Life Pte Ltd is the local authorized distributor for Berkey water systems. We carry the full range of Berkey water filter systems and accessories. All water filters sold by us come with the same warranties offered by the parent USA company.

With the Big Berkey, pure, clean water is now available … everyday!


Buying Your Berkey Water Filter System

So you are living or residing in Singapore and you have decided to buy a Berkey Water filter system. The only issue remaining is: “Where should I buy the system from?”ShoppingOnline

Most people who are familiar with online shopping would no doubt have checked the various websites that sell the Berkey water filter systems. Since Berkey is made in the US, most of these websites will be operated by US based companies.

The first thing you will discover is many US owned web businesses will not ship their products outside of the US except to Hawaii and US military bases in foreign countries. Even Amazon will not ship Berkey products directly to Singapore!

However there are a few companies that do, and at first glance, it might appear that it is cheaper to buy and ship your Berkey from the US than to purchase from us.

We will do our best to highlight the pros and cons of taking such an approach:


  1. You might save a few dollars by importing the Berkey water filter system directly (though this is doubtful after you have factored in the shipping and other ancillary charges). Do remember that for any purchase above $400, the shipping company will collect the GST payment you plus a service charge of $10 or $20 depending on the company.
  2. Some people just like to shop online internationally.


  1. Buying from foreign merchants exposes you to the usual risks associated with such purchases. You are dealing with a foreign entity. What happens if they fail to ship after you have made your payment? In most cases, you can contact your credit card company or PayPal (if you used their service) and lodge a claim for a full refund. You will probably get your money back but it may take a few weeks or more, because they need to do their own investigations, and do you really want to go through all that hassle?
  2. Even if you are satisfied that the company that you are purchasing from is bona fide, you are still taking a risk because of the nature of your purchase. The water filter is a relatively bulky item. What happens if the goods are damaged while in transit? What about dents and scratches? The stainless steel containers may arrive dented or the black Berkey elements may be cracked if for some reason the shipper was negligent. Sure the merchant will probably honour their guarantee, but you may have to pay for shipping the damaged goods back to them. And all this while, you will be without the benefit of using the system which you have already purchased.
  3. Limited after-sales service.

All the above problems are avoidable, if you purchase the Berkey water purification systems locally from us. We are the official local agents for Berkey. Hence, if you purchase the water filter system from us, we guarantee that the product that you receive from us is free from manufacturing defects for the standard period of 6 months. The Black Berkey filter elements are also fully guaranteed for a period of 2 years, pro-rated at 6 monthly intervals (more details).

Another advantage of buying from us that may not be immediately apparent is the availability of after-sales service. For example, before the system can be used, the filters need to be primed. Now I am aware that many people who buy Berkey systems are probably intelligent, well-informed people who are self-reliant. That is the case in the US and I have no reason to believe that it will be any different here. But there are still many others that will benefit from some form of personalised after-sales service and advice.

Finally, do note that our retail prices are inclusive of GST.

Once you take into account all the above factors, I hope you will realise that our retail prices, which may appear at first glance to be somewhat higher than what you might expect to pay if you bought your Berkey system directly from the US, is really not the case.

Also buying from us gives you the peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a local company that will be able to assist you in the initial setting up and also provide you with after sales service and the supply of replacement filters and other accessories.

Now shipping China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia!