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The article below first appeared in the Borneo Bulletin on 16th Aug 2015. If you are residing in Brunei and you wish to find out more about Berkey water purification systems, please contact Ms Lim at 8308989.


Berkey: World’s most powerful, low cost portable water purification system

BERKEY Natural Purification Systems are the ultimate in portable water purification systems. They can be used in both homes and offices and are also ideal for personal protection while on the road. They are used worldwide in normal, hostile and emergency environments to provide the cleanest, purest, sparkling water possible. Compared with other systems available in the market today, the Berkey Systems stand out by providing the most delicious, freshest, healthiest drinking water possible for just pennies a day. According to a press release, Berkey Systems are the world’s most powerful and cost-effective personal water purification systems providing reliable and user-friendly water purification in both normal and hostile filtration environments.

Berkey Systems can purify both treated (tap) water and untreated raw water from such sources as remote lakes, streams, stagnant ponds, drains and water supplies in third world countries where water regulations may be sub-standard at best. The system is so effective that it can even remove red food colouring from water, yet it will not remove the beneficial minerals the body needs. It is perfect for everyday use, and also a vital tool in hostile environments where, electricity, water pressure or treated water may not be available.

The body contains more than 60 per cent water by weight. This proportion is even higher in children and infants. People who are health conscious know that the foundation of a healthy life and body is clean and fresh drinking water. Water-borne diseases are the leading cause of death in most third world countries. Even in industrialised countries, the contamination of drinking water sources has led in many cases to widespread health issues. The availability of clean and pure drinking water is the foundation of life.

Even in developed countries, access to clean, good tasting, wholesome drinking water may be harder than one might expect. Water from the purification plant has to travel through many kilometres of pipes to reach the home. Some of these pipes have been laid for many years and even as old as 100 years. Treatment by chlorination, though essential, invariably produce unpleasant tastes and odours. Hence most families tend to boil their water before using it for drinking and cooking purposes, as boiling does remove this chlorine taste.

Berkey water purification system

However, boiling water to remove the chlorine taste and smell has its setbacks. Firstly, it costs money in terms of gas or electricity bills. Most important, if the water has bacterial or other organic contaminants, boiling the water can actually cause the chlorine to chemically react with these contaminants which may lead to the creation of highly toxic products. Boiling water does not remove the chemicals present in the water.

Berkey Water Systems have long been recognised as the world’s ultimate in water purification. It is simple, highly effective method of using gravity was first developed almost 200 years ago. Yet it still produces some of the finest, healthy drinking water available.

The Berkey Water purification systems is marketed by Water For Life Pte Ltd at Eunos Tech Park, Singapore.


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