Berkey Tops Independent Lab Tests

The long awaited lab test results are finally out! The Big Berkey came out tops in a recent independent lab test on the most popular water filters used in the US. This test was conducted by Mike Adams of Natural News. Natural News is the world’s largest independent natural health website, with more than 7 million unique readers a month. Below is a graphic summary of the test results for heavy metals (reproduced from the Natural News website):


As you can see from the graph above, the Berkey water filter, when used with its attached arsenic / fluoride filters, removed in many cases 100% of heavy metals and a very high percentage in other cases. Some of the other popular brands like ProPur and Doulton did not perform anywhere nearly as well. To see the full results of all the filters, you can go to

How reliable are these test results?

Those of us who have been following Mike Adams on his Natural News website know that last year, he launched the Natural News Forensic Food Lab to conduct atomic spectroscopy research into food contaminants. This is done using high-end ICP-MS instrumentation. Mike Adam’s credentials as an independent research are impeccable. After setting up his lab, he made several food safety breakthroughs. For example, he revealed that rice protein products from Asia contained high levels of tungsten. This discovery has now led to an industry-wide voluntary agreement to limit heavy metals in rice protein products to low levels by July, 2015.

Coming back to the lab results, the conclusion that Mike Adams draws is that Natural News can only currently recommend two gravity water filters for the removal of heavy metals and toxic elements:

  • Big Berkey (with arsenic / fluoride filters attached)
  • Zen Water Systems

We have the full range of Berkey water filters. All our Berkey water filters use the Black Berkey filter element which was used in the lab tests. We also sell the PF-2 arsenic / fluoride removal elements.

Currently, if you buy any main filter system from us, we are giving away free a Sport Berkey water bottle. The water bottle uses the same Black Berkey system, but in a reduced size. It is extreme convenient for sports and travel purposes. Note: This promotion ended on 10 Dec 2014.


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