10 Facts About Fluoride

When most people hear the word fluoride, they generally think of their teeth and their dentist. Fluoride, after all, is added to some public water systems and many dental products for the purpose of preventing cavities. Less well known is that fluoride is a highly toxic compound, a major industrial air pollutant, a key ingredient in some pesticides and fumigants, the cause of a tooth defect that currently impacts over 40% of American teenagers, and the cause of a devastating bone disease that impacts millions of people throughout the world. For too long, the toxicity of fluoride compounds has been overlooked by the public health and environmental communities. The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) was founded in 2000 to remedy this imbalance. (Source: FAN)

The following video produced by FAN outlines 10 important facts about fluoride:

The 10 facts are:

  1. Most developed countries do not fluoridate their water
  2. Fluoridated countries do not have less tooth decay than non-fluoridated countries
  3. Fluoride affects many tissues in the body besides the teeth
  4. Fluoridation is not a “natural” process
  5. 40% of American teenagers show visible signs of fluoride over-exposure
  6. For infants, fluoridated water provides no benefits, only risks
  7. Fluoride supplements have never been approved by the FDA
  8. Fluoride is the only medicine added to public water
  9. Swallowing fluoride provides little benefit to teeth
  10. Disadvantaged communities are the most disadvantaged by fluoride

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Singapore’s Drinking Water

In Singapore, the quality of our drinking water is regulated by the Environmental Public Health (EPH) (Quality of Piped Drinking Water) Regulations 2008. The drinking water standards set out under the EPH Regulations were based on the WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality. PUB will make continuous effort to maintain drinking water quality at the highest possible level. (Source: PUB website)

This means just like in most of the USA, our drinking water is also fluoridated.

The PUB website also tells us exactly how much fluoride is being added to our drinking water:


From the above table, we see that the amount of fluoride in our drinking water averages 0.47 mg per litre of water. This is on the lower end of the WHO recommendation of between 0.4 to 0.7 mg per litre.

The primary reason for water fluoridation in Singapore is for dental health.

Dental care begins with preventive dentistry promoted through the Health Promotion Board. The Board targets students through a network of 200 static clinics located in the schools as well as 30 mobile dental clinics. This plus fluoridation of potable water and availability of fluoridated toothpaste has greatly diminished dental decay and tooth loss. Public dental services are available in some polyclinics and hospitals, and the National Dental Centre.

Source: Singapore.sg


If you are of the view that that you should remove fluoride from your drinking water, Berkey Water Filters, with its optional PF-2 fluoride reduction elements added, is the ideal solution.

More Information About Water Fluoridation

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